Golf Astrology: How to Become the Best Golfer You Were Born to Be! (Paperback)
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Mark Oman
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Everything You Need For Shooting Pars Is Written in the Stars!

Product Information

It's time to make the most of your God-given fits and make the least of your self-made handicaps!  Golf Astrology was written to help you make that connection to the best and most natural golfer you were born to be.  To help you discover the primal instincts and personality tendencies you bring to the game as your Birthright.

Each of the 12 Birth Sign Chapters reveals all the in-house assets and instincts you naturally bring to the game, the greatest golfers born under your sign, and many more insights and truths to help you become the best golfer you were born to be!

About the Author

Mark Oman is a best-selling author, humorist, successful entrepreneur and America’s CEG (Chief Executive Golfaholic). He has a passion for taking detours, which is an outcome of his business adventures in publishing, giftware marketing and sales, the world of golf, and the motion picture industry. Mark Oman’s background as a Hollywood actor and screenwriter contributes to making his presentations both entertaining and funny. His adventures in the business world give him the basis for leading audiences in exploration of creative options for getting the job done with less stress, more fun, and personal fulfillment.

Mark Oman offers an abundance of insights and truths to help individuals connect with the golfer inside who wants to come out and play. He is a featured business and golf columnist for Meetings in the West Magazine and is the founder of Golfaholics Anonymous®, a company which celebrates golf as one of life’s healthiest habits. Mark Oman has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows including CNN News, ABC Talk Radio, USA Network, KCBS, CBC Network, Business Radio Network, and Hour Magazine.

Whether it is management, sales, customer relations, or communications, Mark Oman’s “Rules of the Road” help individuals to find productive, creative, and competitive ways of thinking, working, and playing in business and life. His concepts and unique humor have been featured on a variety of retail products including t-shirts, caps, towels, mugs, and calendars. Mark Oman has written and published eight books, selling more than 350,000 copies.

Mark Oman delivers an individually tailored, high energy, and entertaining presentation that helps audiences to relax, examine stagnant thinking and behavior, let go of comfort zones, and allow increased success to happen.

About The Book, "Golf Astrology" - "No, I am not a world famous astrologer, advisor to movies stars, potentates and President's wives.  You get the idea. I'm just like millions of others whose biggest handicap is loving the game none too wisely, but too well."

Product Features


  • Introduction - "Your Birthright to the Glory of Golf"
  • Aries Golfer
  • Taurus Golfer
  • Gemini Golfer
  • Cancer Golfer
  • Leo Golfer
  • Virgo Golfer
  • Libra Golfer
  • Scorpio Golfer
  • Sagittarius Golfer
  • Capricorn Golfer
  • Aquarius Golfer
  • Pisces Golfer
  • Is That All There Is?

Each Chapter Reveals:

  • Your Celestial Golf Symbol
  • Your Golf Element
  • Your Planetary Golf Guru
    • Identifying the (Birth Sign) Golfer
    • Portrait of the Female (Birth Sign) Golfer
    • Portrait of the Male (Birth Sign) Golfer
    • How (Birth Sign) Plays the Mind Game
    • How (Birth Sign) Plays the Physical Game
    • Best Part of the (Birth Sign) Game
    • Traps 'n Hazards
    • Perfect Foursome
    • Ideal Golf Courses
    • Best Colors to Wear While Playing
    • Shooting Stars for Shooting Pars
    • The (Birth Sign) Senior Swinger
    • Your Personal Fairways to the Glory of Golf
    • (Birth Sign) Uncensored
    • Famous (Birth Sign) Swingers

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