In Cold Blood
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Stealth or brute force...the choice is yours!

Product Information

Play the role of John Cord, an MI6 Secret Service agent who has been sent (at the request of the CIA) to Volgia, USSR, to help track down a missing agent. A seemingly simple assignment turns into a spectacular mission full of surprises.  An intense story driven 3D game with an equal balance of action and adventure elements. 

London sends agent John Cord on what should be a straightforward assignment. What he discovers there, however, turns out to be anything but simple. Trapped in a hostile country, forced to rely on uncertain friendships, faced with a situation that is becoming more complex by the hour, Cord has to depend on his own reserves of courage and ingenuity but with millions of lives in danger will they be enough?  With strong attention to graphical detail, mission based objective progressions, and dramatic cut-scenes, the action never stops, leading up to the thrilling conclusion.  

As the torturer interrogates Cord, he begins to remember his recent past, and as he does so, so the player learns about his character. The identity of the betrayer and the reason for the betrayal remains a mystery right up until the plot climax. As the story unfolds, Cord must infiltrate, sneak and shoot his way through increasingly dangerous locations, getting closer and closer to the ruthless mastermind behind a plan to trigger a nuclear holocaust.  He teams up with a female Chinese agent in pursuit of a common aim. But can Cord even trust her as it becomes clear that the traitor must be very close to him? In designing this game, our objective was 'To employ compelling gameplay, visuals, and innovative storytelling to create a stunning interactive game with the tension and excitement of the very best blockbuster action movie. The strength of In Cold Blood comes from the game's unique gameplay.

Revolution has specialized in interactive storytelling and this has now been taken to a new level. Advanced and innovative technology creates atmosphere through the use of light and shadow. Backgrounds are pre-rendered allowing higher quality, soft skinned, characters that are realistically lit and which cast accurate shadows.

Set in the near future, In Cold Blood is an action adventure game featuring a very rich storyline and some of the most detailed pre-rendered environments ever seen on the PC.  An offbeat twist on the secret agent / James Bond theme.

Product Features

  • Nine missions
  • Approximately 60 total hours of gameplay
  • The latest in spy equipment including highly-advanced communication computers, electromagnetic pulse-mines, hacking units, and motion detectors
  • More than one hundred environments to explore and survive
  • Suspenseful gameplay requiring stealth for mission success
  • A captivating plot delivered through in-game action and stunning FMV

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, Me, XP
  • Pentium 266MHz MMX processor
  • 64MB of RAM
  • 400MB free hard disk space (1.4GB recommended)
  • 8MB or better 2D graphics card capable of 640x480 and 32-bit color (16MB recommended)
  • 4X CD-ROM Drive
  • 100% DirectX 7 Compatible Sound Card
  • DirectX 7

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