Deadly Dozen : Pacific Theater
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12 Men, 1 Chance!

Product Information

In 1942, specially trained soldiers were deployed to carry out commando-style missions against the forces of Japan.  They were cold as steel and could strike without warning. Through sweltering rainforests, sun-baked coral beaches and stinking mangrove swamps, these skilled heroes took the war to the Japanese.  This is the story of that 12-man unit, known only as...The Deadly Dozen.

Penetrate the island strongholds of Japanese Imperial forces with your squad of commandos.  Stealth, a cool head and your MI may buy you one more day.  It's real missions with real consequences.  Can you survive the hard-edged intensity of the Pacific theater?

Product Highlights

  • Creep silently through immersive environments featuring authentic WWII vehicles, weapons, and uniforms.
  • Personalize your strategy and squad to best achieve each mission's objectives.
  • Experience movie-like action as you take on the entire Pacific campaign from the Philippines to Okinawa.
  • Manage your tactical team on your own, play cooperatively over LAN or the Internet...or take on your friends in a Deathmatch!

Product Features

  • Lead your squad single-handedly or join forces with friends over the Internet for cooperative missions.
  • Infiltrate Japanese POW camps to rescue captured officers.
  • Your best weapon?  The element of surprise.
  • Keep low and stealthily advance your squad through the jungle.
  • Coordinate your advance and attack!
  • Stay under cover as Japanese soldiers patrol the jungles.
  • Carefully assemble a balanced team for each mission.
  • Send your snipers ahead to pick off enemies from afar

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
Windows Requirements

  • Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP
  • Pentium II 550 MHz or higher (Pentium III 900MHz or higher recommended)
  • 128MB of RAM
  • 650MB free Hard Disk Space
  • 8X CD-ROM Drive
  • 16MB TNT2-class video card (32MB - 128MB VRAM video card recommended) *
  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP compatible sound card *
  • DirectX version 8.1 (included) or higher
  • Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported.  Internet play requires Internet connection and a 56 Kbps or faster modem.  DSL/Cable or other high-speed Internet connection recommended.  Internet connection required for GameSpy play

* Indicates device should be compatible with DirectX version 8.1 or higher.

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