Millie & Bailey Kindergarten
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Where Kindergartners Build Confidence

Product Information

This special collection of eight activities from Millie's Math House and Bailey's Book House contains specially selected activities that offer students grade-specific, multi-subject learning tools to develop their skills and confidence in school.

Special features include Explore & Discover and Question & Answer modes that carefully balance independent play with directed learning and positive, gentle feedback that guides students to success.

Discover magic in reading, math and science!

With 27 activities in 10 locations, equal parts fun and education and two ways to learn, your child will have experience an entertaining way to learn!

Skills Learned

Reading/Language Arts

  • Phonics

  • Rhyming

  • Spelling

  • Prepositions

  • Vocabulary

  • Adjectives

  • Three-Letter Words

  • Matching Picture with Words

  • Sentence Completion


  • Addition and Subtraction

  • Number Sentences

  • Numbers

  • Quantities

  • Patterns.


  • Categorization

  • Critical Thinking

  • Prediction

  • Manipulating Variables

  • Plants & Animals

  • Building from Blueprint

  • Weather Terms

  • Observation

  • Sequencing

  • Seasons

Thinking Skills

  • Problem Solving

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creativity & Imagination

  • Listening & Observing

  • Following Directions

  • Curiosity & Risk Taking

Social Skills

  • Communications

  • Courtesy

  • Self-esteem and Confidence

Product Features

Add and Subtract
Play What's My Number by placing the same number of objects on your stage as Dorothy has on hers. How many is that? You'll have to count, add and subtract to find out!

See and Hear Patterns

Create, recognize and complete patterns with Bing and Boing, a pair of bouncing pals. As they hop on a picture, it makes a wacky sound. Record your own sounds for even more fun!

Master Simple Prepositions

Where's Edmo? It's up to you! Direct the action and send Edmo & Houdini over, under, in, out, off and on the doghouse.

Explore Adjectives

Select words to describe My Friend's hair, eyes, nose, mouth, arms and feet. You'll learn common adjectives and build descriptive phrases as you watch your friend's appearance change.

Sequence Events

Learn about beginnings, middles and endings and explore how things change over time by sequencing frames of film in Make-a-Movie.

Learn Problem Solving

Decorate cookies with up to 20 jellybeans in the Cookie Factory--and discover the sequence of events required to make a tasty treat for Harley, the horse.

Make Three-Letter Words

Sound out words at the Three-Letter Carnival! Group animals and objects by names that rhyme, or group them by names that begin with the same letter.

Experiment with Weather

Manipulate temperature, wind and precipitation with the Weather Machine. In the process, you'll discover how different variables affect the environment.

Plan and Construct

Clocks tick, wheels spin and robots spring to life as you create machines and toys -- from blueprints or your owns designs -- in the Workshop.

Understand Ecology

Visit Acorn Pond during winter, spring, summer and fall to observe animals and plants through the seasons. You can even read or print out a Field Notebook with interesting facts about your favorite animals.

Product Reviews

197 Awards Since 1993 for Millie's Math House and Bailey's Book House, elements of which are combined into Millie & Bailey Preschool.

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