SOUNDaround Surround Sound Processor - Easily Add 5.1 Home Theater Sound from only 2 Speakers!
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Get 5.1 theater sound from two speakers

Product Information

The SOUNDaround Surround Sound Processor makes your home theater system sound like you're at the movies.  Built using the latest processing technology, the SOUNDaround turns your DVD movies and games into realistic home theater sound using two normal speakers.  It's an amazing experience that provides a full 360 degrees of rich, vibrant audio without having to install lots of expensive equipment or messy cables.  In a couple of simple steps, you can get breathtaking cinema-quality theater sound through your stereo TV, home hi-fi, or headphones that's so real, you'll feel like you're at the movies.

Product Highlights
  • Connects between your DVD player or games console and your stereo TV, stereo Hi-Fi system, or headphones
  • Provides a cinema experience with surround sound, huge bass, and clearer dialog for DVD movies and games

Product Features
  • Get More Out of Your Movies, Games, TV, and Radio - Not only does the the SOUNDaround work with Dolby and DTS content found in movies, games, DTV, and HDTV, it can also turn SRS Circle Surround encoded television programs and digital radio into a cinema-quality experience.  Using a SOUNDaround, you can take full advantage of all your surround sound content and enjoy fully immersive audio through any two-speaker Hi=Fi system, stereo, TV, or headphones.
  • Easy to Use and Simple to Install - Installing the SOUNDaround is as simple as plugging the left and right audio outputs from your DVD player, game console, set top box, or HD Radio into the SOUNDaround processing unit.  You then plug the left and right outputs from the SOUNDaround into your stereo TV or home hi-fi system.  That's all there is to it!  If you want to use headphones instead, just plug them directly into the SOUNDaround's front panel for an amazing surround sound experience.  Comes with all necessary cables!
  • SRS TruSurround XT - TruSurround XT works on advanced principles of psycho-acoustic modeling.  Using Head Related Transfer Functions, the SOUNDaround processes two-channel audio from multi-channel content such as DVD movies, HDTV, games, and Circle Surround programs while retaining the positional information of the original soundtrack.  This creates a totally immersive virtual speaker environment that lets you hear audio all around using just two ordinary speakers.
  • SRS TruBass - The SOUNDaround includes TruBass modulation for bass so powerful you can feel it.  This waveform processing enables speakers to hit incredibly low bass through a process of harmonic enhancement. It's an awesome effect that provides an amazing amount of depth to music and movie soundtracks without overdriving your speakers.  It also overcomes the human ear's tendency to filter out bass when you have the volume down low.  With a SOUNDaround, everything sounds full and rich with plenty of bottom end no matter how quiet or loud you have it,
  • SRS Dialog Clarity - Ever watched a movie and found it hard to hear what's being said?  The SOUNDaround's Dialog Clarity creates a virtual center speaker that lets you hear every word in crystal clear detail.  Enjoy fast-paced action without having to crank the volume to ear-splitting levels just to work out what people are saying.

  • SOUNDaround Audio Processor
  • Remote Control
  • Power Adapter
  • Audio Cable
  • Video Cable
  • User Manual
  • Batteries

  • Dimensions:  5-7/8" x 5-1/2" x 1" (L x W x D)
  • Remote Control Power:  2 'AAA' Batteries (included)
  • Accepts Audio From:  DVD player, PlayStation 2 (games or DVDs), Xbox (games or DVDs), Satellite/Cable set-top box, DTV/HDTV set-top box, Digital Video Recorder, HD Radio
  • Output To:  Stereo TV, Stereo HiFi-System or Mini-System, Powered Speakers, 2.1 Speaker System, Headphones

Note: Batteries are included, but are not guaranteed.

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